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10 Facts About Washington DC You Never Knew Were True

Anyone who lives here will tell you that Washington DC can be a strange place. But you might not have ever realized just how strange. Secret subways, monuments that move when its windy and empty crypts are just some of the crazy facts about Washington DC that are true! Here are 16 fun facts about Washington DC.

1. There are around 1,000-1,2000 items lost on the Metro every month.
    According to a story done by the Washington Post in 2014, the MTA reported that they usually find about 300-350 sets of lost keys, around 300
    cell phones and 300 pairs of glasses every month. Apparently one of the strangest things left there was a three feet long alligator head.
2. There is no J street.
    The urban legend is that DC designer, Pierre L’Enfant hated John Jay, who was the nation’s chief justice and therefore left out J street. But it’s really      
because in the 18th century, I and J were almost interchangeable.
3. DC residents drink more wine per capita than residents of any of the 50 states.
    If you saw the cost of rent, you would drink too.
4. There is an empty crypt beneath the Capitol building.
    George Washington was supposed to be buried there. But he wanted to be buried at Mount Vernon so the crypt is empty.
5. There is also a nuclear fall out shelter underneath the Capitol Building.
    It's beneath the crypt.
6. Three alligators have lived in the White House.
    The first was owned by John Quincy Adams. And apparently Herbert Hoover’s son Allan, owned two alligators who lived in The White House.
7. Washington DC residents could not vote for the President until 1961.
     DC still has no representation in the Senate.
8. Washington DC was actually built on a mosquito-infested swamp.
    The city still has its fair share of nature as 20% of DC is park land.
9. You can find a top secret FBI interrogation manual at the Library of Congress.
    For some odd reason, the FBI reason who wrote it decided to apply for a copyright and by law, anything that is copyrighted must be made available            
    to anyone with a library card who wants to read it at The Library of Congress.
10. There is a system of private subways that connect the Capitol buildings and the House and Senate office buildings.
      Since 9/11, access is restricted to only staff. 




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