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The effects of alcohol are waning. In the past couple of years, the societal influence of alcohol has shifted. More and more people are reportedly minimizing their alcohol consumption, or simply eliminating it from their lifestyles, opting for activities that promote clarity, health, and wellness. People are taking the consequences of drinking alcohol to heart. Studies from the CDC and the NIAAA have found that 17% of men and 8% of women will be dependent on alcohol in their lifetime, that alcohol consumption increased the risks of assault and car accidents, and that it causes physical dependence and loss of control. In another alcohol consumption study done by Demos, 66% of millennials don’t consider alcohol important to their lives, and 20% of them have stopped drinking altogether. Even Generation Y’ers have jumped off the booze train, over 40% saying that alcohol is less important to their generation than to that of their parents. Besides the absence of alcohol, non-alcoholic wines do not contain fat and have less than half the calories of traditional wine. This can be translated to 7 - 30 Kcalories per glass as compared to the 100 Kcalories on average of wines with alcohol. Those that abstain for religious reasons, dieters, drivers, pregnant and lactating women or anyone with some kind of alcohol restriction can enjoy nonalcoholic wine as an excellent alternative.




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